Sunday, November 1, 2009

At last [!]

Well, I have finally decided to grasp the nettle, seize the day [and any other relevant cliche you can think of] and begin a blog. So, having just about got my head round the technology, here is the card that I made for my Dads birthday this year. Simple matting and layering of his initials "AER" written in a Basic Uncial hand with a poster pen, the letters are outlined with tiny dots and a trefoil added to the counter of the "R", on a sponged and torn background. Two complementary coloured ribbons were added down the side, the top layer does not show up very well but is is shot with green, and a few jewels to cover the unsightly glue splodge I managed to make during construction. What the hey - he liked it! But then he is my Dad :)

Come back soon and see what has been going on in my Calligraphic world.
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